China shuts down the only tea garden in Japan

China has shut down the world’s only tea estate in Japan, a move that has outraged locals and made it hard for many in the country to get their hands on their favorite tea.

The tea estate, known as the Jinko Tea Garden, has been open for the past 25 years and serves up some of the most expensive and rare teas in the world.

It has been operating without any permits or licenses since December, when it was shut down due to a lack of money from the government.

Its closure comes as Japan’s economy slows.

At the same time, China has stepped up economic development in the Pacific Rim region and opened a new $6 billion port in the city of Honshu, which was formerly known as a port.

The Chinese government also closed a major Chinese-funded airport in the northeastern Chinese city of Hebei, while also cracking down on foreigners and businesses trying to enter the country illegally.

The new measures have caused many tea enthusiasts to take to social media to complain about the shuttering of the tea estate.

One user wrote on Twitter: The Jinkos only tea and coffee are made in a giant green container, while they have an artificial pond that is only used for rice and water.

Why are they shutting the Jinks down?

Other users also criticized the country for having a “machismo culture” that makes tea a luxury item, while many Japanese said they are fed up with the situation.

“I have been consuming tea for years and I have never experienced anything like this before.

It’s like we are living in a dystopian future, when tea will be like an item of mass consumption,” said one user.

Another, who identified himself as a tea aficionado, wrote on social media: There are only five or six tea shops in Japan.

You can buy tea at the store, at the supermarket, or even at your local tea shop.

There is no way to buy tea online.

Some people in Japan are also concerned about the quality of tea that is produced.

A group of tea lovers have been protesting outside the estate since December.

They say the tea is extremely cheap and there are no rules or regulations on what the company is allowed to produce.

This is the only way they can continue to enjoy the tea, said another tea aficianado.


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