Five Things to Do in Your Garden With the Garden Hose Reel

Five Things You Should Do in your Garden with the Garden Reel, a new product by the Rogers company that promises to make it easy to install, install, and maintain the hoses that you and your guests use.

In a video for the product, you can watch the Rogers representative explain the company’s concept of a garden hose.

Here’s what you’ll need: The garden hose Reel is essentially a garden hose reel, designed to allow you to hook up a garden valve to the hose you want to attach to your hose.

The reel has a large hole in the middle, allowing you to attach the hose to a garden device or a hose clamp, so you can tighten it to your desired size and then attach it to the garden valve.

(See a video of the product.)

You can then use the garden hose to run a hose into a hose clamp or hose clamp adapter.

The Garden Hoses Reel comes in a few different sizes, including one for each of the following: 1.

Garden HOSE HANDLE: 2 inches in diameter, 3.5 inches long, and 1 inch wide.

It’s the one we’ve tested here.


Garden hose reel: 1 inch in diameter and 2.5 inch long.

It has a clamp that is removable for easy installation and maintenance.


Garden-to-Garden Hose Clamp Adapter: 1 1/4 inches in size, 4 inches long and 0.75 inches wide.

The hose clamps will attach to the valve and make a convenient way to attach a garden-to or garden hose clamp.


Garden Faucet Hose Holder: 1/2 inch in size and 4 inches wide, for holding garden hose clamshells and garden hose tubing in place.


Garden Clamp Plug: 1-inch diameter and 1-foot long.

The plug will plug into a garden outlet.


Garden Tubing Adapter: 2.25 inches in length and 3.75 in width, for attaching garden tubing to a hose.


Garden Valve: 1 foot in length, 2 feet wide and 0 inches thick.

The valve will hold garden hose and garden tubing in one place.


Garden Plug: 3.25-inch length and 1.5-inch wide.

Plug will plug directly into a Garden outlet.


Garden Pipe: 3 inches in width and 1 1 1 / 2 inches long.

Plug plugs directly into garden pipe.


Garden Hook: 3/4-inch long, 0.9 inches in thickness.

This is the one for use with garden hose valves.


Garden Latch: 1 3/8-inch in diameter.

This will attach garden hose hoses to a standard garden hose valve.


Garden Screw: 2-inch-long, 0-inch thick, 3-foot-long.

This plug will attach a standard Garden hose clamp to the Garden valve.


Garden Water Faucets: 2, 3, and 4-inch lengths.

This plugs into garden water taps.


Garden Pump: 3-inch plug and 0-1/4 inch in length.

This connects to garden water pumps.

The products are available for purchase in Rogers’ website and in the stores of Rogers Home Improvement.

(For more information on garden hose fittings, see our earlier story, “How to Fix Your Lawn’s Water Pipe.”)

For more about Garden Housings Reel:

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