‘It’s like a bomb’: Radio and TV chef dies after house fire

The day before his death, radio host Robin Roberts was preparing for a radio show.

He had just taken a long walk around his property in the North West, where he had planted a vegetable garden.

A fire swept through the garden, and he had to abandon the garden to fight the flames.

“I could hear the fire alarm go off in the kitchen,” he told the BBC’s Inside Out.

The garden was destroyed. “

We were all trying to get out, so I had the fire truck, and when we went outside, I went into the garden.”

The garden was destroyed.

He lost the television camera he was using for his show and he lost his own kitchen.

“When I got outside the kitchen, the garden was still full of smoke, and it was a little bit scary,” he said.

The fire spread to his garden and then to the whole property.

Robin Roberts died in a house fire in June.

“The garden was absolutely devastated,” he added.

“It’s just such a lovely garden, it’s a really lovely house, you just can’t imagine what could have happened.”

He had been working for the Radio 2 breakfast show and had just finished cooking dinner for guests, when the fire happened.

“My kitchen is in the house and I’m cooking dinner there, so the garden is all covered in fire,” he explained.

“But I have to go back inside the house because the fire has spread into the kitchen.”

I don’t know what else to say.

“He was in hospital with burns on his legs, hands and feet and was left with severe burns on most of his body.

He suffered permanent damage to his right hand, which required him to use a prosthetic limb.

Robin was a regular on Radio 2 and was considered a TV personality.

“He would talk about the world, and you would hear him talk about his garden, or his gardeners garden. “

Robin Roberts was a TV host who was a very, very talented cook, a very good presenter, and someone who always tried to make a point about what is going on in our world,” he joked.

In 2014, the former chef was awarded the Gold Medal of the British Chef, a prestigious award given to a person of high integrity. “

In that way he was very engaging, but he also had an incredible passion for the outdoors, and also a very serious passion for people, so it was quite a bit of a tragedy.”

In 2014, the former chef was awarded the Gold Medal of the British Chef, a prestigious award given to a person of high integrity.

He said he was deeply saddened by the death of his friend, and had spent the day celebrating with family and friends.

“Just a lovely, lovely person, a wonderful friend,” he revealed.

“All of us are very sad.

I am very sorry to Robin Roberts and his family.

I will never forget Robin Roberts, and we all will miss him.”

The BBC is asking anyone with information to contact the Crime and Corruption Command’s Homicide Unit on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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