Losing a garden stool might help you lose weight

A lucky stool might be a life saver if you’re in the midst of a serious weight loss plan.

But losing one can be a challenge.

Here’s how to lose a garden stool that’s a lifesaver.

A stool is a flat object that is placed in a toilet bowl or a sink to collect urine and stool from a user.

A garden stool, a bowl that’s filled with toilet water, can hold about a cupful.

You can buy one for about $5 at any hardware store.

The stool is designed to collect the urine and other bodily fluids that people flush down the toilet bowl into a bowl.

If the stool falls out of the bowl, it can contaminate your toilet water.

That could lead to an infection or even death.

If you want to know how long you’ll be able to keep your stool, just try to keep it clean.

Keep the stool under your fingernails.

If your stool has been sitting on your toilet for a while, try to take it out and get it out before it gets any dirtier.

This can make the stool less likely to fall out.

The more frequent you are able to clean your stool and the easier it is to clean it, the less likely it is that it will fall out, said Dr. John Fung, an assistant professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

“It’s like throwing up on a toilet seat,” Fung said.

If there’s no stool, put the stool in a plastic bag and use a small plastic bucket or a plastic bowl to keep the stool out of your shower or sink.

If it’s a big stool, it might be hard to keep clean, Fung added.

The best way to keep a stool clean is to make sure it has been in the shower for at least 20 minutes.

It may be easier to just keep it in a bowl or container of water in your bathroom.

You might also want to buy a plastic tub that’s not too big for the stool, or buy a stool bowl that has an air-tight seal, such as a disposable bowl.

But if you can’t keep a big bowl or bowl clean, you might want to get a stool stool that has a hole that’s about an inch wide, Fong said.

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