The Latest ‘The Hills’ Movie Gets $1.5M For Its New Title

“The Hills,” a new comedy from the creators of “The Good Place,” is getting a huge payday thanks to the “Garden Obgyn” title.

The comedy, which stars Amy Poehler, is scheduled to open in limited release on June 12.

It is a limited release, which means it will only have a limited number of theaters.

“The Obgyn,” the name of the title character, was inspired by the real-life family physician Dr. Tom Ogle, who in 2011 died after being hit by a vehicle while performing emergency surgery.

The film, which is being directed by Mark Wahlberg, stars Poehler and Will Ferrell.

It has a production budget of $2.2 million, and is being produced by Warner Bros. and Lionsgate, who produced “The Mummy.”

“The Mall” was also directed by Wahlburgers, with a production cost of $1 million.

“Mall,” by Wills partner Aaron Sorkin, was produced by Sony Pictures Classics and Sony Pictures Animation, which also produced “Gloria.”

“The Hills” is about the lives of four characters who, while working at a New York City health clinic, meet a woman named Susan (Amy Poehler), a former beauty queen who is now the proprietor of the “Obgyn” spa and who has been transformed into the “Platinum Glamour.”

The film also stars Adam Driver, Robert De Niro, Chris Evans, Jennifer Garner, and Mark Wohlfarth.

The cast also includes Mark Wiegert, Robert Knepper, and Jason Segel.

The movie is based on the 2013 novel “The Glamorous Housewife” by Amy Poehn and is based off a short story by Michael K. Williams.

It was written by Williams, who also wrote “The Princess Diaries.”

The film opens in theaters on June 10.

Development Is Supported By

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