What Is a Garden?

From the start, the word “gardening” conjures up a range of images, including an expansive lawn, a pond, or a lush vegetable patch.

But how did that word become a verb, and what do these images convey about gardening?

In this exclusive interview with the author, writer and producer, he explains.


“You’ll find gardens everywhere” Gardeners can be found all over the world, from the United States to Japan.

In many parts of the world—particularly in Asia—gardens have been a vital part of the landscape for centuries.

The word “garden” first appeared in Europe about 500 years ago.

In China, the Chinese were known for their gardens as early as the 9th century.

In the late 16th century, French and English farmers used the word to describe their gardens.

The French word for garden was “gâte” (meaning “grapevine”), and in England it referred to “the place of a garden.”

The word became so widely used that in the 1800s, it was used to describe any garden that was planted outdoors.

In Germany, the name for the largest garden was Garten (meaning garden), and in France the word was “garven” (which translates to “gardener”).2.

The term “gardener” has a long history in the West and was used in the early 1800s.

During the early years of the 20th century there was a wide variety of names for gardeners: gardener, gardener-in-training, gardens garde, garde de gardes, garden des gardes (a name for those who were gardeners).

The word grew in popularity during the Great Depression, when farmers used it to describe young, ambitious gardeners who worked long hours and were hard-working.3.

When did gardening become a noun?

As we grow older, we get used to naming things after specific events or events that happened.

For example, if you live in a neighborhood where there are lots of gardens, you might say that you live next to a house with a garden.

In fact, gardens are a part of many neighborhoods.

In America, the term “gardens” has been used for centuries to describe a specific neighborhood, such as a suburb, small town, or rural area.

It has also been used in Britain to describe the city, or even the entire country.4.

In 1868, William H. Ward, an American scientist, published a book called Garden of Eden.

Ward wrote that in Eden, people lived in “a garden” that included a “gene pool” and “plantations.”

He described the garden as a place where one could “live and learn.”5.

The garden is also a place of worship.

According to a recent book by Stephen J. Smith, the Garden of the Gods in Babylon, the goddess of fertility, was a “garde-wife of the garden.”6.

A garden is a place for community gathering and sharing.

The gardens are an extension of a community, according to one description of the Garden in Eden.

It was a place to meet, share and worship together, Smith writes.7.

The Garden of Heaven is a symbol of the community of God.

According the Book of Daniel, the garden was a symbol for heaven.

According an article in the Los Angeles Times, the Babylonian god Nebuchadnezzar is said to have planted a garden there, where he could “pray for rain.”8.

In Europe, the words “génerie,” “garden,” and “gardenseuse” have come to be used interchangeably.

They refer to a single place where people gather.

But in other parts of Europe, they refer to different gardens, and the word is sometimes used interchangely.

In Switzerland, the “gène” or “génée” garden is the same as the “graven” garden.9.

A “gardene” is a term that refers to a small community of people who gather together, which can be a community of neighbors, friends, or family.

In some places, it may mean a place that is a gathering place for people who have lost a loved one or a place they have come together for a day.10.

A garde is an informal term for someone who works outdoors.

The “gère” or gardener refers to someone who worked outside in a garden or forest, Smith says.

It also may refer to someone with an interest in gardening, or someone who loves gardening.11.

There are lots and lots of different types of gardens.

There is the “dungeon garden,” which includes a large area of open space that is divided into smaller areas for different types and sizes of plants.

There also are the “smaller gardens,” which are open areas that are separated into larger areas for certain kinds of plants

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