What is the yellow garden spider?

The yellow garden spiders (Garden Stool, Garden Chair) are one of the most venomous spiders on the planet, and they’re very difficult to kill.

They’re also very common, with some estimates that as many as 10% of Australian households are carrying the spiders.

While most species are native to Australia, there are over 100 species worldwide.

The largest of these are the red-winged widow spider (Dicotylus rhodon), which can be found in Australia, New Zealand and New Zealand.

In Western Australia, this spider is also known as the redback spider, and the redwood spider, which has been known to live in forests in the Northern Territory and the South West of the country.

The yellow garden is the second largest spider in the world, after the red.

It can grow to between two and three centimetres long, with a yellow abdomen and red legs.

These spiders are often found in gardens, and can sometimes be seen on a wall, where they can be easily seen in groups of two or three.

The spider’s venom is highly toxic, and has a very high rate of death when injected, though it can be prevented if you wash the area before handling.

If the yellow is bitten, it will swell and swell until it is red and swollen.

The spider will then bleed to death.

However, these spiders don’t normally have a white, thick membrane on the abdomen that allows them to shed the red blood.

Instead, it has a white-colored, transparent layer that makes it difficult to identify them.

This layer also has an inner ring that prevents the spider from shedding the red colour.

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