What to know about the Garden Ridge restaurant chain’s $100 million renovation of a landmark in Garden City

Garden City Restaurant, which opened in 1996, has long been known for its eclectic menu and its signature cocktails.

But its latest renovation is set to make it a national force in the foodie world.

In the coming weeks, Garden City is expected to unveil a revamped menu and a new cocktail lineup at the Garden Creek Restaurant, a popular Garden City eatery on the city’s west side.

Garden City’s chef/owner, Chris McBride, told the Los Angeles Times that he will be serving “a mix of classic and modern dishes” including an Italian-inspired menu.

Garden City is also opening a new restaurant, a $70 million, 150,000-square-foot restaurant at Garden Creek, its new home in Garden Creek Village.

The new restaurant is expected open by early 2021.

The company said the new restaurant will feature a new wine menu, new cocktails and a “more upscale” dining experience.

Grocery and convenience store chain L.A. Giant is set for a major renovation of its 10-story warehouse in the city, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The warehouse is home to the giant Staples, which was purchased by the grocery chain in 2017 for $1.4 billion.

The site will be demolished in 2019 and replaced by a new building, according the Los Angeles Times.

Gigas, which has about 4,000 employees and about 1,600 stores in 15 states, is set in the former home of the L.L. Bean, according its website.

Development Is Supported By

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