What to order in Beijing this week

BY STEVEN KAMM/AFP/Getty Images China is set to celebrate the holiday season with a huge menu for the nation.

There will be a huge number of restaurants offering holiday menus, with some offering traditional Chinese dishes such as roast duck and pork, as well as some new offerings.

This includes a Chinese New Year’s dinner with pork and chicken, along with a special dinner menu that will feature “soups, noodle soups, salads, and more”.

There are also special events planned in Beijing for the New Year, including the traditional Chinese New Years Eve dinner and a traditional Chinese Easter party.

It’s an eclectic menu of traditional dishes, from traditional Chinese food to a traditional Christmas dinner, with dishes such a chicken noodle soup with roasted duck, rice and noodles, and roasted duck and broccoli.

There are several other special menus in the works, including a traditional New Year Christmas dinner for up to 300 guests, and a special Chinese New year party featuring the traditional Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, and Christmas decorations.

“New Year’s Eve is the time to celebrate Chinese New years, as it’s the time of the Chinese New Moon,” an official at one of the restaurants told AFP.

“But this year, you’ll see more festive events.”

The official added that the Christmas tree will be set up outside the restaurant, and that it will be illuminated in green.

China has more than 60 Christmas traditions that have become a staple of the nation’s culture and people.

The New Year holiday is one of them.

There’s also an annual Christmas market in Beijing, which is set up on December 24 to cater for the public, with traditional Chinese goods such as gingerbread houses and lanterns.

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