When is the best time to get a garden bed?

New York City, New York (CNN) It’s a simple concept that seems simple on paper: Put up a bed in a park and have a bunch of kids play.

But when you’ve got kids that are growing, it’s time to consider more complex strategies.

New York City’s Garden State Mall announced Monday that it will be opening up beds to families with children in July.

“We’re happy to welcome the Garden State of New York to the Garden, where children of all ages can be embraced and nurtured with family, friends and neighborhood neighbors,” Garden State President Mark Rinaldi said in a statement.

Garden State is a state-run playground in central New York that includes gardens, playgrounds and other amenities.

It’s one of the first parks in the US to open its beds.

The beds will be available for $50 per child per day, or $1,400 per adult per year.

The beds will also include a garden and garden accessories like a hose, rake, pruners, compost bins and so on, Rinaldo said.

Gardens, parks and other public spaces are popular places to bring children and adults together, but they can also be a source of stress and anxiety for some parents, Rialdi said.

The Garden State also wants to make sure that all families have access to outdoor space, he said.

“Garden beds are great for parents who are having a tough time finding a place to park their children.

The Garden State encourages families to find ways to be outside of the home, so that they can spend quality time together and explore the Garden without fear of disruption,” Rinalda said.

Children in the Garden state can play on a large variety of objects.

Rinaldia said the beds offer a safe haven for kids to be outdoors and enjoy a variety of activities.

The state is considering whether or not to open beds for children in the future.

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