When the Pentagon is not working, the garden factory is making toys

A new toy company has opened in the Pentagon’s sprawling, nearly 1,500-acre Garden Factory.

Armstrong Garden Factory in the garden of the Pentagon was established by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

In the past few years, the company has developed some of the most unique toys ever created, including a robot-like robot named The Giant that moves on its own and a robotic version of a bison named Big Grizzly.

But while the company is producing some of its best-known toys, it also has a new toy line called Garden Factory that promises to be a better version of the giant-sized toys that have dominated the Pentagon toy market for decades.

The Garden Factory is a small operation.

Its primary purpose is to make toy soldiers.

They are meant to be playthings for kids, with each soldier getting a different weapon and a different outfit.

It is intended to be like a military theater, with soldiers and the environment in the background.

“When you are looking at what you want to do with the toys, I think the biggest thing you need to do is think outside the box,” said Michael Rauch, who runs the company, according to a press release.

“You can make the toys for the environment or you can make them for a soldier.

It’s all about the environment.”

The company’s first product, The Giant, was unveiled last year.

He was designed to be the tallest soldier ever created.

The robot was a collaboration with Japanese robot company Hitachi.

The other robots in the line are a tiger named Moo and a bear named Grizzly, both of which have been designed to look like giant dinosaurs.

But Rauche’s biggest hit is the robot called Big Grizz.

Big Grizz has a head that is a full half of an inch taller than a normal human’s.

The toy is designed to have the best of both worlds.

Its big, fluffy, arms are designed to grab other soldiers.

He is also designed to do a lot of jumping.

“It’s got a giant head,” said Rauclts co-founder and CEO, James Rauches.

“The big head is designed with an attitude.

He has a little tail, which is designed for an air burst, which allows him to make a lot more jumps.

He’s got the most kick out of any robot we’ve ever designed.”

He’s got his own weapon, a weapon he can control with the thumb buttons.

“And he is a big robot.

His body weighs a full 20 pounds.

He stands over 6 feet tall, which makes him an even larger challenge for children to climb.

The company says Big Grizz can run up to 30 miles an hour.”

While the company may be creating the most complex toys in the toy industry, the Garden Factory still has a few toy soldiers that are still in the works. “

So, we have to figure out how do we make a robot that’s small and still is a challenge for kids.”

While the company may be creating the most complex toys in the toy industry, the Garden Factory still has a few toy soldiers that are still in the works.

The Army is currently working on a new robot called The Giant and the Pentagon has been developing new versions of the old, bigger-than-life toys.

Rauch said that they will be bringing these new toys to market this year.

The new toys are expected to be available in 2020, with the goal of bringing them to market in 2021.

Development Is Supported By

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