Why you should get a garden snail at the farm, a new pollinator guide

A garden snail is the only plant native to the United Kingdom that grows in gardens and other open spaces.

It has been found in nearly every garden in the country, from the North Sea to Cornwall.

The plants are often used in flower and food production, and have been found to be beneficial in many ways.

But gardeners have been using the snail for centuries, as a food source, a pest control method, and a way to protect their gardens from pests.

Now, it appears the snail could have a place in the garden as well.

According to an online poll of gardeners, over 50 percent of respondents say they want to use the snail in the next few years.

This includes many of the most popular garden products, like pea shoots and peas.

“They are a fantastic food source and also an effective pest control tool,” one pollinator expert said.

“The snail is a fantastic source of protein, which is needed by the plants in terms of photosynthesis.

It also serves as a natural predator.

It is also used in a wide range of products, including food.

So there is a wide variety of uses that are really well-explored and well-supported,” said Jennifer Lea, director of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Department at The Ohio State University.

“The fact that it is such a great plant and is so diverse means that it has a lot of potential.”

Lea has been working with the U.K.’s National Institute for Botany to study the uses for the snail and its potential.

She said the research could be a big step in helping gardeners identify the plants that they could use in their gardens.

“What we want to do is to know what uses the snail is used in and how often,” Lea said.

“I think we can see that there are some potential uses that we don’t know yet.

We don’t yet know what the most effective uses are, so that could help us understand how the snail can be used for different applications.”

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